Solar Electricity Generator Wiring

solar generator wiring1 Solar Electricity Generator WiringI finally sat down and did a very basic wiring diagram of what a very basic solar generator would look like. Size your wires, battery, panel, regulator, inverter and fuses appropriately and safely. If in doubt, consult an electrician. Heck, consult an electrician anyway to be safe.

This will help you understand what I was talking about in Episode 26 – About Solar Generators.

The diagram is in PDF format – click here to download it. What you’ll see in the center of the drawing are terminal blocks, and fuse blocks. The vertical solid black lines are jumpers between the terminal blocks.

If you have any questions, please join the forum and ask them there, so we can all benefit.

The real point of this diagram is to show you that making something like this doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You can do it! Just make sure you read up on electrical safety and codes or have an electrician friend guide you.

Just think, if you can do this then you have the basics of what it takes to build a larger solar electricity plant, or an array for your home.

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  1. CorbinKale says:

    Hello Guy,

    I saw your site linked from The Survival Podcast. I just built a rig like you are describing. Below is a link to the solar forum thread where I show my process. Feel free to use any of it as you wish. The more people who have independent power, even if just a small amount, the better off we are. Thanks, for what you do!

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